July 1, 2011

A Peek Inside...

Hey There! Welcome to my little corner of style stashes! I will be posting all of my favorite items from all of second life, including some of my own creations, by yours truly, Pink Acid.

I Figured this would be the best way, not only for you to find new cool things that you may not have found on your own, but a great way to keep up with stuff that I stash away deep into my inventory. So basically, it's like "OUR" own little blog closet. I'm sure that you can all agree when I say, we buy a million things in second life, only to wear them a few times because we forget that they're even there! So I hope this helps.

Just keep those juicy little mouths drooling for more.

...Stay tuned <3

♥Skin-Al Vulo-"renzie summer tan"♥

♥Shape-Pink Acid-"eternal beauty shape"♥


♥Eyes-Insufferable Dastard-"soft patel eyes-blue"♥

♥Hands-SLink-"de jolie hands v.1. relaxed"♥

♥Jacket-R.icielli-"misseiling v2 leather jacket-black"♥

♥Ring-Mandala-"milky way rings and nails/sun gold"♥

♥Make-Up-Pink Acid-"midnight doll face make-up"♥

♥Lashes-TGIS-"ultra long 3d alpha lashes"♥


  1. HELLO. I am Brazilian. SL RESIDENT IN THE WORLD FOR MORE THAN 1 YEAR. AND IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT AV, I came across with your blog and fell in love PINK SHAPES BY ACID. Then mount AV FROM MY TIPS WITH YOUR BLOG, AND MAKES SHAPE, PINK ACID, AL VULO SKINS. Make it to the AV I seek. THE GIRL WITH Geita a woman's body. Your brand is to be congratulated

  2. Hii Panthera! Wow, you are sooooo sweet! thank you so so so much doll face! <3
    I love your blog (I am following you now!) and I appreciate all that you do and your sweet words!
    You are seriously gorgeous in RL too!
    So that is to also be congratulated!
    Big huggles sweetie! <3