April 9, 2013

Pink Acid @ Bee's Through The Seasons

(click on photo to make larger)

That's right girlies! Bee's through the seasons is back at it again for a second time! It officially opens this Saturday on 4/13/2013. I am offering a new slate of goodies for this round! We have spring colored eye makeup & glosses to pastel lipsticks, all the way to killer Queen Bee Eyeliner & Lipstick. As a side specialty, I have created glow Bee wings and Antennas just for cutesy fun. 

Even if you don't want to shop, I recommend you go take a peek at how beautiful and adorable the Sim is. Great for taking photos! (as seen above in the Bee wings & antenna's photo).

I hope to see you there!! 
Happy Shopping! xoxo

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